To become the leading integrated utility developer and operator of choice


Marafiq has the goal of becoming the leading integrated utility developer in Oman. Ideally, we want our services to be a role model for other industry members to base their operations on.

Our vision is to provide integrated utilities that are simple and intuitive enough to make the Duqm SEZ a hugely successful area.



To achieve this vision, we have the goal of providing reliable, safe, and uninterrupted supplies of utility services to customers in these industrial zones. On top of that, we’re always working to provide maximum value to shareholders and increase our operating efficiency.

Safe, responsible, and effective are the three most important elements we strive for in our work. If we’re able to deliver utility services to our customers in a safe, responsible, and effective manner, we know we’ll be able to create an organization that’s truly a world-class leader in this area.  

Additionally, Marafiq strives to provide Omani nationals with employment opportunities that are challenging and rewarding.

We know that the most important asset any company can have is its people, and we want to retain the most high-quality workers in the industry.


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