Duqm Power Company SPC (DPC)


The OQ Group has partnered with Gulf Energy Development (GED) in Marafiq, DPC is a special purpose vehicle constructing a captive power and water plant for Duqm Refinery needs; including a large seawater intake/outfall w to serve future projects as well as Marafiq’s planned water business in Duqm, SEZ


DIPWP - Duqm Integrated Power & Water Project

Marafiq through Duqm Power Company S.P.C (DPC) is currently constructing an Integrated Power and Water complex including a NG fired 325MW CCGT Power Plant and associated facilities, plus a 1,500 m3/hr SWRO Desalination Plant which includes a 65,000m3/hr Seawater Intake and Outfall Facility.

DIPWP will meet the needs of new OQ8 Refinery Project located in Duqm SEZ. Marafiq’s DIPWP project is expected to be operational in Q4 2021 and is designed for future capacity expansion.

RMT 132KV Transmission System to Ras Markaz

As part of its overall commitment to Duqm development; Marafiq has constructed and will soon operate a 132KV OHL transmission system stretching some 80Km between its new DIPWP complex and the Ras Markaz area.

The facilities will include a 132/33KV Substation at Ras Markaz to provide power to Oman Tank Terminal Company LLC (OTTCO) and other customers; and should be Operational by end 2021.  



Marafiq is responsible for providing potable water to Duqm SEZ through an exclusive license with PAW. Marafiq operates two RO plants with total production capacity of 9000m3/day and storage capacity of 5000m3. The plants distribute water to customers both through the water distribution network and Tanker Filing Stations. In addition, Marafiq operates and maintains PAW's assets in Duqm SEZ and is also responsible for billing, collection and customer service through our dedicated customer service office in Duqm. Marafiq plans continued expansion of production and distribution capability to meet demand in Duqm SEZ.

Future Expansion

Seawater intake

The 65,000m3/hr seawater intake and outfall facility currently under construction by DPC contains significant spare capacity.

This will be used to satisfy demand for industrial water, cooling and other purposes, as either raw seawater or processed water.

The intake will also provide feed water for future SWRO desalination plant to supply potable water to the zone.

Potable Water/Wastewater

Marafiq is expanding the existing potable water distribution pipeline networks and developing new potable water reservoir zones. part of the plan is to replace the Temporary Marafiq Potable Water plants with Permanent Plant located on the Marafiq main complex.

The fisheries industrial zone will be served by dedicated plant and local network. To enhance the operation efficiency smart and prepaid metering are planned· 


Marafiq will supply Power to Tanweer under a short-term Power Purchase Agreement.

Mobile units will be installed in phases with maximum installed capacity of 120 MW.

Marafiq is also in negotiation with Tanweer to build a conventional power plant with a long term PPA. 


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