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 Centralized Utilities Company



Marafiq is a “one-stop shop” provider of a full range of centralized utilities. This concept will enable industries to outsource all utilities required to support their operations to Marafiq, rather than building and running their own utilities facilities. This will not only offer industries with a reliable utilities supply, but also create synergies, as well as the opportunity to benefit from economies of scale and save on investment and operating costs, thereby allowing industries to focus on their core businesses.

Projects / DPC

Duqm Power Company SPC

Marafiq through it's special purpose enterprise Duqm Power Company SPC is developing, constructing, and operating a 326 MW Combined Cycle gas turbine power plant, as well as a 36,000-cubic-meter-per-day SWRO desalination plant, to supply all the power and water needs for Duqm Refinery.


People are our most important assets, and we’re committed to attracting, developing, and retaining those crucial assets.

Industry Efficiency

Industry efficiency is a valuable part of maximizing production, and Marafiq pays attention to every detail of our customers production process.


With our newly secured 25-year license, Marafiq is the exclusive producer and distributor of potable water in the Duqm SEZ.


Marafiq is working closely with Tanweer to supply them the required power to serve the zone grid using efficient gas turbine units.



Choosing multiple different suppliers to meet all your needs isn’t the best use of your company’s time and energy. When you sign contracts with many suppliers, you must keep individual tabs on all of these suppliers, which takes time and energy. If you can instead move to one company that offers all these utilities, you’ll be saving time and money.

The idea behind Marafiq is an “All-in-One” company. That ease of use makes a big difference. Reaping the benefits of modern tech is as easy as taking advantage of Marafiq’s straightforward information. This ease of use benefits both your company and all of Duqm.

Easier Access

It’s important that Investors in the service, production and manufacturing industries have what they need to succeed and thrive in the Duqm SEZ.

Marafiq is here to help your investments and operations succeess.

From power and water to gas and steam, you can count on Marafiq to provide you with the access for all your utility service needs.

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Many industries and sub-industries exist and will invest in the Duqm SEZ. Marafiq is always striving to connect with new investors to support their utility needs and provide necessary facilities for reliable and world class, competitive supply

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The team at Marafiq is a crucial part of Companies success, which always shines through in our work.

Find out more about becoming part of the Marafiq team.


Join Our Team

It’s always a pleasure to see new people in this sector working to grow and develop the culture. If you have a high-quality education, experience working in this sector, and a desire to positively impact the Duqm SEZ, we would love to have you working with us.

We pride ourselves on a competitive packages, social welfare, and a high-quality work experience. We also provide workers with advanced training to stay on the cutting edge of current information. Get in contact with our human resources team for more information. 

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Connect with us

Do you have a question, comment, or concern that you haven’t found any additional information regarding? Leave us a message using this automated service and we’ll be happy to help you find what you need.

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Phone: +968 2241 00 00
Fax: +968 2241 00 01