Position Name
Sr. Project Engineer - Water 

Function: All Water & wastewater Projects
Department: Water Projects
Section: Project Management
Location: Duqm/Muscat
Reporting To: Technical Manager


  • This position will support the New Works and Development team, to plan the development of the water networks, wastewater and other utilities. Coordinate with OPAZ and their planning department. Develop projects, costings and RFPs, assist in the appointment of contractors and consultants. Supervise construction and monitoring projects progress.


Strategy Development 

• Support in developing the functional strategy as cascaded down from the company strategy and assist in overseeing its implementation throughout the function and its operations, to ensure vertical alignment and horizontal integration with other interfacing functional strategies across Marafiq.
• Follow the license and CUSA conditions and compliance requirements.
• Be aware of the development and utility needs of the SEZD and support Marafiq in meeting its commitments.

People Management

Support the technical team of direct reports through effective, development, performance management, and succession planning, in order to maximize team performance and achieve departmental objectives.

Operational Management 

• Manage the function’s daily operations by providing expertise, enabling teamwork, and aligning processes, in order to achieve high performance standards and meet established targets.
• Adhere to internal processes and encourage adherence from team members; recognize the need for modifications to existing processes and share them with appropriate teams.
• Treat IT security with the utmost importance and adhere to IT security requirements.
• Support the drive to compliance to meet business license conditions.
• Support in the identification and definition of key performance indicators (KPIs).
• Support in developing target and goal cascade activity on an annual basis to ensure the achievement of business targets
• Support in monitoring the performance of the business on the KPIs
• Identifies performance deviations and identify corrective actions where appropriate.
• Closely monitors the performance of and report on the contractor and consultants.

Budget Management 

• Support in the development and consolidation of the functional budget and in the monitoring of the department’s financial performance versus the budget.
• Adhere to company policies and procedures at all times.

Water Related Projects Execution 

• Coordinate with OPAZ and their planning department. Develop projects, costings and RFPs, assist in the appointment of contractors and consultants. Supervise construction or monitor the supervision.
• Support in the stages of planning, design, permitting, and/or construction management phases to manage production of studies, designs, bid documents, and construction delivery.
• Support in review of the scope, schedule, budget of business aspect, and engineered design (both internal and external), constructability, permitting, construction through as-built drawings.
• Build and maintain relationships in order to ensure coordination of projects with consultants, departmental staff, and regulatory agencies for projects in the planning, design, permitting, and construction phasing.
• Develop RFPs and Marafiq’s procurement requirements.
• Support in the management of water and wastewater other utility feasibility studies in order to provide engineering and implementation support or clarification to the utility issues.

Technical Activities

• Support the technical section’s activities, and the engineering consultants' plans and specification so that standards and deadlines are achieved.
• Support in providing technical consultancy to the team with regards to the utility projects such as production lines, carrying out design brief, supervising design, established so as to assist the top management in efficiently achieving quality results that meet the required standards.
• Be aware of new technology in order to allow existing facilities and future developments to be optimized in terms of life cycle cost, operability, maintenance, safety and environmental impact.
• Support the review and approval of technical capabilities and products from prospective vendors and service providers.


Policies & Procedures 

Be aware and follow the function’s policies and procedures, to ensure that all relevant procedural and legislative requirements are duly fulfilled.

Health, Safety & Quality

Be aware of the function’s compliance to all relevant health, safety and quality requirements, in order to guarantee employee safety, minimize environmental risk and legislative compliance.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

Direct the functional contribution to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of systems, processes and practices taking into account ‘leading best practices’, improvement of business processes, cost reduction and productivity improvement.


• The position is required to deliver reports to the management on all aspects of the position’s responsibility.
• These reports may include:
o Weekly highlights.
o Monthly progress reports.
o Any other relevant reports requested

Administration & Operational Activities

• Support in the operational and administrative duties requiring professional level of knowledge and familiarity with project process, such as design, permitting, production, distribution, and customer satisfaction.
• To understand the work linkage between employees, internal departments, and external parties, the Regulator, including vendors and customers in order to ensure that the utility project operations runs smoothly and efficiently.



GM Water & Wastewater
GM Business Development & Strategy
Technical Manager
Commercial/finance team
Marafiq Tender Committee


Vendors/ contractors
Water Supply Regulator
Governmental entities  


Educational & Professional Qualifications and Experience

Minimum Qualifications:

Degree or higher degree in Engineering, civil, mechanical or other related subject.
Proficiency in written and spoken English & Arabic is essential.

Minimum Experience:

7 to 12 years of relevant experience.
Understanding of the Sultanate of Oman’s water or other utility regulation framework will be beneficial. 

Skills and Competencies

Generic Skills: Communication skills, Computer literacy (ERP), Microsoft tool (Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Word).

Job Specific Skills: Project Management, Water and wastewater or other utility design and supervision experience, Interpersonal skills.

Behavioural Competencies: People Centricity, Integrity, Agility, Collaboration.

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